Ship management consultancy services

GEMM Marine experts are highly trained and experienced specialists able to develop and deliver cost effective solutions to a range of ship operations, marine quality and safety to ensure at all times safe movement of ships and full compliance of ships with the industry and each of the ship managers, shipowners companies best practices and standards.

The following services and operations can be performed by our experts:

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining companies’ safety and quality procedures and uniform standards.
  • Monitoring all safety, security and environmental aspects.
  • Developing internal systems in promoting a culture of quality, safety awareness and continuous improvement.
  • Planned maintenance system (PMS) procedures.
  • Risk management and risk assessment practices.
  • Cost planning and control.
  • Budgeting and invoicing procedures.
  • Ship’s operational performance including any downtime, off hire and negotiations.
  • Port reports and port regulations.
  • Class record inspections.
  • General marine consultancy.