Drawing on over 20 years of GEMM’s leadership experience in different financial markets, GEMM delivers world-class independent financial advice to entrepreneurs and companies.   

We understand the importance of close personal relationships and the key role these play in facilitating deals and financial transactions; every client and every deal receive meticulous attention from our Management.  

Whatever the scale, from our largest to our most focused engagement, we take nothing for granted. We consider each problem objectively based on rigorous and thorough research. And we follow the data relentlessly. We deliver not just the conventional wisdom but also deeper and sharper insights that are actionable and give our clients an information advantage. The culture we’ve built accepts nothing less.  

By working on a wide range of cases and business problems, GEMM consultants acquire skills and experience rapidly. Our people can gain broad exposure to a range of of industries. You'll build the foundation for business, analytics and people management skills that will help you grow at our firm and beyond.


Reach and depth of service

The leadership of GEMM has worked in numerous industries, including healthcare, real estate, banking, hospitality and leisure, transportation and logistics, shipping, retail, technology, education and other financial services sectors.

External network

Our leadership and associates have an extensive network of professional individuals and organizations ranging from financial institutions, corporate funding providers including but not limited; to venture capital, family offices, alternative debt and venture capital.

Experienced team

We have an extensive experience in strategic corporate advisory, debt and organizational restructurings, financial due diligence, M&A transactions, audit specialization assistance reviews, business valuations and so on.