Organisational Strategy

Today’s organisational challenges are multifaceted, requiring the use of data driven approaches to understand key issues and craft the required solutions. Each organisation is unique in its history, culture and strategy. At GEMM, we tailor our work to explicitly incorporate these dimensions.  

Our Organisational strategy methodology is focused on the business, economic and operating models of our clients. Our organisational strategy 5-approach  framework is illustrated below:

Organisational Performance

As markets, industries and business models continue to evolve, many organisations face pressures on margin and shareholder value delivery. An increasing focus on the cost competitiveness and performance of business-wide operations is essential to remain relevant and compete in the new economy.

At GEMM we assist organisations by deploying a performance improvement approach  to design, plan and deliver cost and performance improvements programs. We are able to leverage this robust approach across a broad range of client scenarios, drawing capabilities and expertise, as needed, inlcuding:

  • Performance Management & Analytics
  • Strategic cost and profitability Management
  • Planning and Forecasting