GEMM restructuring and operational turnaround function can assist clients with some of their most daunting challenges. Some of these challenges are the following:

  • Declining revenue / profit
  • Bankruptcy filings on the rise
  • Capital scarce and expensive
  • Loan defaults increasing
  • Scorched sectors – real estate and retail
  • Timelines compressed

We believe that every company's situation is unique and that taking decisive action can maximise value. We offer hands-on support and work with constituents directly. Additionally we help our customers build stronger, more innovative businesses, that are better positioned for sustainable growth. GEMM acts as an objective expert and a neutral third party who provides quantitatively supported advise to address the interests of management, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders.

GEMM offers a complete management solution and 'one-stop-shop' approach to turning around companies on the following:

Business Turnaround

We help corporates requirring rapid transformation to define the actions that stabilise, and drive profitability and sustainability. We partner with organisations to identify the root causes for the crisis, develop a target picture for the restructured business, and derive an action plan to execute the turnaround.

Independent Business Reviews ('IBR')

We support financiers with an independent assessment of the viability of a distressed business. We take an integrated approach in IBRs and we base our restructuring concepts on four pillars:

  • Strategic positioning
  • Value focus business model
  • Operational excellance
  • Financial restructuring

Hence our IBRs are more than formal reviews, they create real value for the company.

Liquidity forecasting and cash management

We provide a 'true' view on available liquidity and project future cash flows, even in complex and rapidly changing environments.

Non-Performing Loans ('NPLs')

We work with financial institutions and other lenders on strategies how to handle non-performing loans within their credit portfolio.