Business valuation & appraisals

The Process of valuing an entity or its assets is a complicated one. Selecting a specialised financial advisor capable of rendering high quality valuation services is the decisive factor in finalising a transaction. Our offering includes valuation of shares, businesses, assets (tangible and intangible) and liabilities in support of negotiations, deal structuring, valuation of investments for private capital funds and managers and taxation opportunities.

GEMM helps its customers with:

A) Value measurement

  • Tax valuations / Impairment tests
  • Option value & financial instruments
  • Property, plant & equipment values
  • Business & equity valuations


B) Assessing deal value

  • Pre-deal business value (acquirer/target)
  • Forecast analysis & value driver identification
  • Model review
  • Transaction model advisory


C) Value analytics

  • Investment appraisal & business case development
  • Cost of capital analysis advanced financial modelling
  • Project’s value


The GEMM’s proposed business valuation framework is a combination of three main valuation approaches and captures special valuation considerations.