The real estate investment environment has become increasing complex and shaped by factors that go beyond “location.”

Owners, users, investors, and lenders must navigate the challenges of an uncertain, post-pandemic real estate marketplace, which include a constant flux in capital markets, the changing state of the economy, the emergence of new technologies, an evolution of consumer behaviours, fluctuating pricing and liquidity, and increasingly complex industry regulations and compliance issues.

The real estate sector is gradually moving into an era in which environmental sustainability factors are integrating and becoming a key factor into the design and construction of residences, offices, hotels, retail and other commercial type of properties.

Whether you are a private land owner, a real estate developer, an investor, a real estate investment fund or a lender, we can assist you turn real estate into real opportunity and value.

At GEMM we have a dedicated and integrated team of business associates that are specialising in the real estate sector. Our aim is to find the right solutions to complex issues and at the same time creating value to our clients and stakeholders.

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