George M. Ioannides – Founder & CEO

Our Leadership vision is to achieve sustainable growth by helping solve social issues. Our diverse businesses rely on the trust of our clients and all stakeholders. We recognize that raising our corporate value and ensuring sustainable growth of society as a whole are closely linked together.

We have to adapt to provide the right services and information according to the client’s prevailing situation. We have to deliver all of this in a way the client likes and at the best possible time. Only when these pillars align with client needs, do we achieve the ‘tailor-made’ and ‘private’ service we are aiming for. That is how we stay close to our clients and is essential for them to choose GEMM as their partner.

We are confident the future holds boundless opportunities for financial services. As we move forward to this new future, we are committed to work hard to realize sustainable growth for the firm and society.

George M. Ioannides
Founder & CEO