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The hallmark of sustainable finance is the integration of ESG factors in the fabric of a financial institution, from strategy to investments, credit offerings to risk mitigation and finally to external communication and reporting. ESG risks cover a wide range of issues ranging from a company’s response to climate change, to the promotion of ethical labour practices, to issues around data privacy and governance. The number of investors, both institutional and retail and in developed and emerging markets alike, who consider ESG risks as a screening test for their portfolio companies, have been on the rise.

GEMM’s sustainability advisory understands the emerging trends driving corporate strategy and provides an integrated approach to identify risks, develop a roadmap forward, and seize opportunities for leadership.

Should your organisation wish to build sustainability into their business model, incorporate clear environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and carry out its sustainability agenda without impeding other strategic initiatives, we would be delighted to introduce you to our expert Mr. George M. Ioannides to further develop your tailored solutions.

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